The Cubicle Wraps!

Shua Jackson Jacob McArdle's The Cubicle wrapped this past weekend. This Super 16mm independent film revolves around a man who starts off high and, through an eye-opening experience, finds himself coming to grips with the "nature" of reality.
The cast and crew of The Cubicle were brilliant, professional and highly trained to take on the film under time and under budget. Director, Jacob McArdle, has a very distinct way of getting what he needs for a consistent vision, yet allowing the actors to really dig deep to discover new and unexpected choices on the set. Director of Photography,
Camp Sun, masterfully lit the challenging indoor cubicle scenes and outdoor forest scenes, despite the ever changing light, clouds and dramatic color temperature differences. The sound department comprised of Buck White and Jesse Ballingrud; both of which did an excellent job on the set. AD Ben Fields deserves a big thank you for keeping things on time and UPM Marguerite Elmore did a great job of juggling the very crazy schedules of the cast. AC Zab and Script Supervisor Aaron were also on the set and contributed a great deal of time and energy to keeping it real.
The film is moving forward in Post-Production and has an expected date of release by mid-fall.
I had the awesome privilage to play The Cubicle's lead, Cliff. Opposite me, Wofford Lee Jones carried the role of Jack--buttoned down, white collar and all-American. Wofford does an excellent job, as is evident in his stream of work, and I am very lucky to have worked with him.
The photos provided from the set are from Wofford Jones. Check out his other work when you get a chance!

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