Shua Jackson Actor Film Theatre TV Commercial

What's in a name? Or rather, whose name is in mine. People ask, "Hey Joshua Andrew Jackson (actually they usually just say Joshua. That's a lie. They say Josh--even though I prefer Joshua. All's well...)"--oh, yeah--"Hey Joshua Andrew Jackson. Are you related to Andrew Jackson?" Yes. I think so. Maybe. Unless your bloodline is heavy Cherokee. Then no. My great, great, etc. Grandfather did not lead your people through the Trail of Tears.
Side Note: When I first met my fiancee's father (who has a ton of Cherokee in him), he didn't fail to mention that my people led his people through the Trail of Tears. And thus began my relationship with the In-Laws.
Anyway, what's in name? It's a great conversational piece; albeit, the usage might be slightly limited to my audience members' heritage.
All of that being said, my mother has Cherokee in her.
And then I found 5 dollars. - Shua Jackson

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